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Central heating Repair


With Repairing and installing central heating systems requires skills relevant qualifications and all important experience. Some modern systems combine a series of components including condensing (combination) boilers, unvented hot water cylinders and digital heating controllers. Nick is a Gas Safe registered , central heating engineer and is fully trained and qualified to design, install, repair and service your central heating system. Whether your system breaks down or is just not working as cost efficiently as it should, Nick will ensure your system is serviced and /or repaired safely to a highly professional standard at the highest cost efficiency.


Powerflush is a simple method of cleaning and improving the efficiency of your central heating system. A Powerflush can restore circulation and efficiency to your central heating system by removing unwanted by-products. The simple process clears them from the system, replacing aggressive water with clean water. This is chemically treated with corrosion inhibitors in order to help prevent similar problems occuring in the future. As a fully-trained plumber of Powerflush systems Nick will ensure that the process is carried out with the minimum of disruption to your domestic routine and home.

Do you recognise any of the symptoms as detailed below? If so

Powerflushing could be of real benefit to you.

  • Central heating system slow to warm up
  • Warm water in the header tank
  • Some radiators partially or completely cold at the top and/or bottom
  • Radiators require frequent bleeding
  • Water in radiators is discoloured and dirty
  • Radiators have perforations and leakages
  • The boiler makes kettle-like noises
  • Central heating system has repeated pump failures

Some of the Benefits of Powerflushing

  • Increased efficiency to central heating and hot water
  • Lower fuel billsRadiators and household heat output fully restored
  • With Dirty water removed and treated thereby preventing further damage & corrosion
  • No boiler noise
  • Supports better boiler functions and all important warranties
  • Power Flushing completed and all done within the day

Worry free, peace of mind

Contact Nick today to find out more about prices or Powerflushing your system.

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